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Dealing with multiple businesses to ensure the quality of your assets can be confusing, costly and time-consuming.

It shouldn’t be so hard to have confidence in the success of your pipelines.

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We understand the catastrophic economic, environmental and safety risks of asset failure.

It’s why we are NATA accredited and for over 60 years have partnered with water boards and councils, as well as oil, gas and defence industry providers in Australia and overseas, to give them peace of mind.

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Taddam and the team at Pipe Tek are a great unit. The team were available at short notice and achieved the required outcomes. We have used Pipetek several times since this first experience with the same level of satisfaction.

Paul Baker - Downer

Don’t make it hard by dealing with multiple providers.

Instead, contact us for your complete pipeline solution partner, giving you confidence in the success of your assets.

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Case Study

Eastern Goldfields Project

WA (2015) 8″ 294km, X42, Dual Layer FBE, 12 750kPa The hydrotesting for this project was broken into 3 sections being 83km, 120km & 91km. The second test section required 12 temperature probes at 10km points. We believe this is the longest pipeline to be tested to AS2885.5 in Australian history.

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Case Study

QCLNG – QLD – 2018

Engineering support with Test Pack Preparation, various hydrostatic and pneumatic testing, flange management and pressure test reporting.

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Case Study

QGP Stage 2 Expansion Project

QLD (2014) 16″ 35km, X70, Dual Layer FBE, 12 750kPa

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Case Study

Scotia Interconnect, QLD, 2017

12″, 14km, X70,FBE, 19450kPa

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Case Study

Victorian Northern Interconnect Expansion

Phase 3, NSW & VIC (2016) 16″ 55km, X70, FBE, 12,750kPa & 18″ 38km, X70, FBE, 12,750kPa

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Loss Time Injuries

Public Testing Facility

Our policy is an unequivocal and unreserved commitment to best laboratory management practice and assured quality of testing services to meet the needs of our clients.

This facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC
NATA accreditation
No. 18750

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