Pigging Products

Our cleaning pigs, which include metal and urethane bodies, bi-directional and dual diameter, can clean any pipeline dirt, sand, wax, water, gravel, debris;

Why Clean?
  • Improved Flow
  • Prevent Corrosion
  • De-water
  • Line Prep for inline inspection
Pig trains Pig links – Cleaning Pig

The Pig Link concept allows various configurations and adaptations of cups, discs, and body links. The flexibility of the polyurethane body link allows the pig to pass bend radius as small as one diameter even when attached to additional link sections.

N.I.P.S. Unit

Enduro has designed the Non-Intrusive Pig Sensor to detect a change in the magnetic field as a pig runs through a pipeline and under the unit. Each NIPS is equipped with a strong rare earth magnet on the base that attaches directly to the pipe. It is a simple, lightweight, portable and cost-effective unit destined to be your next piece of standard tracking equipment.

NIPS Unit Includes:

  • Enduro N.I.P.S. Unit
  • (2) Sets of Lithium CR123 Batteries
  • Instruction Card
  • High impact, O-Ring sealed watertight carrying case
Contact us for pricing on the following pigs:
  • Bi-Directional Pigs
  • Conical Cup Pigs
  • Dual Module Pigs
  • Poly Foam Pigs
  • Scraper Cup Pigs
  • Flexible Pigs
  • Hydro Pigs
  • Decoking Pigs