Gas Cylinder Testing & Inspections

The Value of Industrial Gas Cylinder Testing and Inspection Services

The gas cylinders, bottles, and large tanks used by your business need testing on a regular basis. Whether you use composite, seamless, welded or brazed cylinders, it is essential that you adhere to the testing dates stamped on each container so that you can ensure it remains safe to use. However, your gas cylinder testing must always be carried out by an authorised inspector at an approved testing facility. For that reason, you must choose your gas cylinder testing and inspection services with care.

Why are Gas Cylinder Testing and Inspection Services Necessary?

Testing is particularly important because it can identify various kinds of damage that make using your cylinders risky or even dangerous. One of the most common problems that inspections discover in gas cylinders is the presence of rust. When a gas cylinder becomes rusted through, it results in a leak and can even cause an explosion. To avoid such incidents, hire professionals to conduct an industrial gas cylinder inspection for your company whenever the dates stamped on your cylinders are approaching.

The testing process is involved, and it requires precise knowledge and equipment to perform it properly. Look for the following characteristics in your testing company to be sure you are hiring an ideal inspection service:

  • Your testing company should come with significant experience so that you can have confidence in their knowledge and methods.
  • Your testing company should use modern, industry-standard equipment so that you can count on their results to be as accurate and reliable as possible.
  • Your testing company should have an Australian Gas Association Certified testing station for inspecting and testing gas cylinders.

A company that can offer all the above is a safe choice for your gas cylinder testing needs. Pipe Tek is one such business—a company that has been respected nationwide since the 1950s.

How Pipe Tek can Provide Superior Testing Services and Other Support

At Pipe Tek, we bring decades of experience in industrial safety testing to our work with clients all over Australia. We are exclusive global partners of Enduro Pipeline Services, who trust our knowledge and attention to detail. We also use cutting-edge equipment for all our work—including our cylinder testing, which can be carried out onsite via our fully certified mobile testing station. Although we do not currently test SCUBA, SCBA or FRB cylinders, we can perform routine testing on industrial gas cylinders of many kinds. These include brazed, welded, seamless, and composite containers.

Ensuring that your gas cylinders are safe and fit for use is a vital part of keeping your workplace functional, responsible, and productive. Find all the help you need when you contact Pipe Tek and allow one of our qualified representatives to give you additional details on our testing process. We will be happy to answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision about who to choose the next time your cylinders need testing.