Intelligent Pigging

Learn More about Your Pipeline with Smart Inspection Services from Intelligent Pigging Companies

You can learn a lot about your pipeline through traditional inspection methods. For instance, hydrostatic inspection techniques are incredibly effective for identifying and locating pipeline leaks. For deeper, harder-to-detect data, though, intelligent pigging services are essential. A smart pig pipeline inspection can tell you what is going on inside your pipeline, thereby making it much easier to foresee issues before they cause leaks, damage, pollution, legal and reputational fallout, pipeline downtime or other costly problems.

If you are searching for intelligent pigging companies, consider allying yourself with Pipe Tek. We have been in this business since 1953 and have watched the industry evolve and transform over that time. We are firmly committed to keeping up with the latest and most sophisticated technologies. That commitment pushed us to invest in smart pigs, which have in turn enabled us to serve our clients more effectively.

The difference between smart pigs and traditional pigs

In the past, pipeline pigging was mainly used for cleaning in-service pipelines. Pipeline operators needed a way to clean dirt, debris, and other clogging agents out of their pipelines without shutting them down. Pigs were the answer. By sending this cylindrical device through the pipeline, companies could wipe out blockages without having to interrupt the operation of their pipes

Smart pigging companies have since redefined what pigs can do. While pigging is still used to clean pipelines, smart pigs have added inspection capabilities to the benefits list. Using ultrasonic testing and magnetic flux leakage testing, smart pigs can identify a range of problems within a pipeline. These issues include erosion, corrosion, cracking, metal loss, issues with welding and other anomalies that could lead to leaks or breakages. Smart pigs can also measure things such as temperature in the pipeline, to make sure everything is normal.

Pipe Tek and smart pig pipe inspection services

At Pipe Tek, we are proud to offer a range of intelligent pigging services. Using smart pig devices, we can provide detailed pipeline inspections and deliver near-instant results. Through an exclusive global partnership deal with Enduro Inspection Services, we have been able to provide our clients with accurate, easy to understand reports in a fraction of the time.

Our intelligent pig pipeline inspection services include the aforementioned ultrasonic testing and magnetic flux leakage capabilities. Through our partnership with Enduro, we can also offer caliper pigging. Caliper pigs can pair with geometry pigging tools to measure and remap an entire pipeline. These tools create a 3D rendering of the entire pipe run, which operators can use to see blockages, sections of pipeline that have been knocked out of alignment, deformations to the pipeline surface and more. They are extremely helpful for planning pipeline repairs.

We provide the following services and more:
  • Electronic Pipeline Gauging
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Inline Inspection
  • Remote Field Testing (RFT)
  • Caliper/Geometry Inline Inspection
  • XYZ/IMU Geometrical Mapping

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