Leak Detection & Tracer Gas Testing

Learn More About How Underground Pipeline Leak Detection Companies Can Improve Your System

Your pipelines provide the crucial infrastructure necessary to move your product, but when one or more of your pipes suffer a leak, it can put your entire operation in jeopardy. Leaking pipes are a concern in numerous industries, including the Oil & Gas sector. A pipeline leak detection system can ensure that you are always alerted to a leak in your pipes as soon as possible, even if the pipe is underground. The information such services provide allows you to act decisively and take steps to solve the problem before it has a chance to develop into something beyond your control.

Considerations when hiring pipeline leak detection companies

Pipeline and underground pipe leak detection both require specific skills, knowledge, and tools. For that reason, it is best to hire a qualified and well-regarded pipeline leak detection company to help you. Pipeline leak detection companies often provide numerous services, which can include inspections and testing via pigging or other sophisticated technologies. When you locate a leak detection company that offers other forms of pipeline integrity support, it may be wise to take advantage of the resources they provide so that you can give your pipes maximum protection at all times.

When you are searching for a company to provide you with a new pipeline leak detection service or improve your existing leak detection setup, look for a business that offers the following. These characteristics will let you know that you have found a company whose knowledge and resources are well matched to your needs:

  • Experience: pipeline leak detection is a complicated procedure, and should only be handled by those with significant experience and proper qualifications.
  • Superior equipment:┬áthe company you choose should use state of the art tools to ensure that their work is always accurate, efficient, and reliable.
  • Versatility:┬áselect a business that can provide a complete pipeline integrity solution.
The Pipetek Advantage

Pipe Tek offers numerous pipeline integrity and leak detection services throughout Australia. We currently provide pipeline leak detection using tracer gas, which consists of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen. When this gas moves through a pipeline, our above-ground hydrogen gas monitors detect leaks. Hydrogen is demonstrably more efficient for leak detection than helium since it moves through leaks faster and can be flushed or vented away with less effort. It also results in less background interference because hydrogen atoms are less prone to sticking against surfaces than helium atoms. As such, our tracer gas is ideal for testing pipelines covered by AS2885.5, as well as coal seam gas polyethylene pipes.

A potential leak in one of your piping systems should always be taken seriously and rectified as soon as possible. Make sure that you are always aware of weaknesses or complications in your piping by arranging for a pipeline leak detection service from Pipe Tek. Our leak detection services and other capabilities make us an ideal choice to help safeguard your pipes. Contact us at your first available opportunity and speak with a representative who can tell you more about our work.