Pipeline Integrity

Choosing Superior Companies for Your Pipeline Integrity Testing and Other Services

The quality and condition of your pipes should be known to you at all times. The more you know about your pipes, the better you’ll be able to avoid operational problems, liability, and other issues that can slow down your work or put your business at risk. To gain as clear a picture of your infrastructure and its condition as you can, consider hiring a company that can offer pipeline integrity services in your area. Accomplished pipeline integrity companies can provide useful information for your project no matter what its size or scope is.

What pipeline integrity services can benefit your business?

Qualified pipeline integrity companies should be able to offer numerous services that can benefit your organisation. These services should include:

  • Intelligent Pigging: intelligent pigging involves the use of a probe called a “smart pig.” Smart pigs will travel through your pipelines to gather meaningful information related to anomalies such as corrosion and other problems that can affect the safe operation of your pipe.
  • Leak Detection: finding leaks can prevent accidents and help your business save money.
  • Tracer Gas Testing: tracer gas testing is used to detect leakages in gas pipelines.
  • Hydrostatic Testing: tests various pipelines for strength and can identify leaks.
  • Pneumatic Testing: unlike hydrostatic testing (which is useful in high-pressure applications), pneumatic testing is best used in low-pressure applications.
  • CCTV Inspections: provides a way to inspect the inside of a pipe visually.
  • Pigging Services: pigs can provide various services in addition to intelligent pigging, including cleaning.
  • Hot Oil Flushing & Flange Management: removes fouling from inside a pipe by flushing it out with hot oil.

When you are seeking a company to provide any of the services listed above, ensure that they have considerable experience in these areas. Choose a reputable business with an established track record of working with major industry players.

How Pipe Tek can help

Pipe Tek provides some of the most thorough pipeline integrity testing available anywhere in the country. We deliver all the pipeline integrity services listed above and are exclusive global partners with Enduro Pipeline Services. They choose us to represent them in Australia because of the quality of our equipment and the many years of experience we possess. Our business dates to 1953 but our methods and tools are updated continuously. We are NATA accredited, meaning we meet the highest standards.

The wide range of services we can provide, along with our proven track record and nationwide availability makes us one of the most attractive pipeline integrity companies in all of Australia. The next time you need more information about the piping system you use, contact Pipe Tek and ask to speak with one of the friendly members of our staff. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide further details about our work so that you can make an informed choice for your business.