Pipeline Testing

Pipe Tek offers pipeline testing of water pipelines, low and high pressure oil and gas pipelines with Strength, Leak and combined pressure tests up to 70,000kPa.

Pipeline testing is conducted in accordance with AS 2885.5, AS/NZS 2566.2, AS 4041 and ASME B31.3.

We use the most advanced technology in the world with SatVUE. This enables us to monitor live pipeline pressures, pipewall/ambient and ground temperatures from any remote location on earth including areas where there are no phone services.

The data is recorded from each equidistant point along the pipeline at exactly the same nominated time interval which allows our engineers to check the trends during the test.

Our equipment is solar powered which will take readings for up to one (1) month without sunlight.

We endeavour to stay ahead of our competitors by using the best engineering professionals and equipment in the world.